Why I Started Working with Crystals

Read all about how I got into crystals! Crystals have been with me though my whole life and working at Keshet Crystals has just bloomed the passion I have for them!

Why I Started Working with Crystals - Keshet Crystals

Starting your journey working with and incorporating crystals into your life can seem overwhelming but it can truly be made as simple as you like. I thought it may help to read why I started working with crystals, maybe you will relate or maybe your story is very different, if so comment and let me know your journey! 

My first crystals 

I don’t remember a time when I have not owned any crystals. My mum has always been into crystals and I had a dish that had about 3 stones in, a red jasper, clear quartz and a mystery crystal which I can’t remember what one it might be! Now I wasn’t using these for their healing properties of course, I just liked them and they were special as they were a gift.



The first time I feel like I worked with crystals properly was at secondary school, I was coming up to my GCSE’s and was very nervous. To help with my nerves I went to a crystal shop and choose a few crystals that I put in a pouch and I kept them with my in all my revision and took them too all my exams. I had stones for focus including sodalite and moss agate, howlite to calm my nerves and carnelian for motivation to name a few. Some people thought I was silly but I didn’t care I took them in my pocket and they gave me confidence and calmed me down. At the end of the day I was extremely happy with my grades and even just by boosting my confidence the crystals helped. 

My exam crystals 

A growing collection

Going to college and working more hours at my job is when my collection really started to grow. I’d get a new tumble every week, it’s great at that age when you can spend all your money on crystals! I started to get more into the meanings of them and selecting them each day for what I was needing extra support with. I was also gifted a beautiful citrine necklace that I would wear when I needed some extra joy. 


I took all my crystals with me when I went to university, there was no way I was going to leave them at home! They made me feel safe and supported. Most days I had a crystal in my pocket or my bra helping me along my day. I’d put crystals on my laptop when I was working on assignments. It was great as there was people here that loved crystals too, so we would go to the local crystal shop and browse the stones and jewellery. I got a beautiful amber ring that I wear most days that is super special to me, not only does it absorb negative energy and calm stress, my friend also has a matching one. Crystals can bring people together. 

My university windowsill 

Crystals and love

Some of my favourite crystals aren’t the biggest ones in my collection, or the most expensive, in fact my favourites are the ones I didn’t even buy myself! I have a wonderful girlfriend and she loves crystals too and she has gifted me many beautiful crystals on different occasions ranging from a mini howlite mushroom to a green quartz silver ring. 

However the most meaningful crystal present she ever gave me was a pouch of handpicked crystals to help me though the tough time I was going through. Each crystal was relevant and I think I probably cried! 

My hand-selected pouch 

Keshet Crystals 

When I started working at Keshet is where my knowledge and love for crystals truly expanded! Funnily enough I came into the shop to buy some crystals to help me on my job hunt after university and I mentioned that I was buying the green aventurine tumble for the property of new opportunities and she explained she was hiring. I applied and the next day I got the job!

Meeting so many amazing people who’s passion for crystals is so big has been wonderful. I’ve had to learn to identify over a hundred crystals and properties for most of those. I have truly loved learning about each and every one. I am now studying to complete a diploma in Crystal Healing and I am really excited to learn even more! 

 Working at Keshet Crystals 


Faith and crystals 

I have also found my faith in the past few months too, I picked up a book about the Wicca faith, living according to the moon and Mother Nature and this has transformed my life in so many positive ways. Being a Wiccan really does allow you to embrace crystals and their properties so my faith and interests are super aligned which is brilliant. 

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about how I have got into working with crystals, how did you get into them? Comment and let me know! 

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