How to Have A Better Night Sleep and What Crystals Help Me

More and more people are struggling with getting to sleep, read what helps me get a good night and what crystals I work with to support me with my sleep routine.

How to Have A Better Night Sleep and What Crystals Help Me - Keshet Crystals

In the world of technology and days jammed packed with tasks it is no wonder so many of us struggle to get off to sleep. Here are my recommendations for a more mindful evening to help you to wind down and some crystal recommendations to help you on your sleep journey. 


Meditation can be intimidating but it does not need to be! Any time sat allowing thoughts to come and go and resetting from the day is meditation to me. So when you get home take even just five minutes with no music, tv, phone or partner distracting you.

Grab your favourite crystal to hold (I recommend a selenite sphere as these are great for meditation). Take a comfortable seat and try to empty the mind and take a more traditional meditation. Or do what I prefer and think about what you are grateful for today, what went well no matter how small! Give yourself permission to relax, you deserve to rest and resting is not the same as laziness.



The next thing you can do if you wish is to have a bath or a shower. This is a time for you to be looking after your body, performing self care in its most basic form. Now the next steps are up to you, but I like to add bubble bath and light some candles. Next to your bath you can have whatever crystals you choose (some crystals are water soluble so careful not to drop them in!) I like to have Rose Quartz next to mine, this stone is all about self love and self acceptance so it is a great one to give me all the positive energy while I’m in the bath. I also have some Clear Quartz as this the master healer crystal and transmits healing energies. 



All fresh and clean it’s time to enjoy your evening, this could be watching a film, reading your book, crocheting or playing games. Now to help your sleep I recommend the ones that are away from screens especially as it gets later in the evening. Now I’m not saying “no screens and you must be bored!” Watch a film, play on your games console, just maybe not every night and for at least the last half an hour before bed try and stay away from screens. I like to read until I fall asleep, if you can’t focus on books try and hold some sodalite while reading as this is a great aid for focus. 


Phones and Bedtime 

This is the part where I will hold my hands up and admit that I will get into bed and tell myself that I will watch a couple of TikTok’s and then go to sleep. This turns into an hour of scrolling which I didn’t even mean to do! We’ve got to hold ourselves accountable and realise this is not going to make us feel better in the morning. Your future self will thank you, put your phone down and do not fall into the trap! 


Yoga is amazing for calming me down and getting me into a relaxed state. As for sleep there are so many simple positions that you can hold to stretch your body before rest and ease your mind to the present moment. Or if you would like a longer practice there is a whole host of videos on YouTube of bedtime specific yoga, all about winding down. My personal favourite channel is Yoga with Adriene, her practices always make me feel amazing. Crystals can be incorporated to this too, simply place on your yoga mat or hold during savasana (the restorative pose at the end of a yoga practice). 

Crystal placement for sleep

The next few sections will have crystal recommendations for certain problems that can effect sleep. For the crystals to help make sure they are cleansed and or charged. (See previous blog post for how to do this). You have some options here on where to place your crystals:

  • Under your pillow 
  • Under your mattress 
  • On your bedside table 
  • Make your partner stay up all night and hold them next to you (only joking!)
  • Clusters can go anywhere as their points will send their energy to all parts of the room 



No matter your age nightmares can happen and are not fun. A crystal that is said to help in preventing nightmares is Howlite. Pink Calcite also prevents nightmares. However if you are experiencing a problem with reoccurring nightmares Spessarite, part of the garnet family, is said to suppress them. Angelite is also a good crystal for nightmares as it is a representation of your guardian angels, keep this stone with you too keep them looking after you. 



Insomnia can also be an issue that affects our sleep, now if this is a constant problem speak to a GP or other professional. But if you would like some extra support with calming your mind there are the crystals I recommend.

  • Lepidolite, to calm your nervous system  
  • Amethyst, for stress relief and to calm an overactive mind 
  • Selenite, clears auric field from unwanted energy 
  • Scolecite, to promote calm and peace 

Your Space

Your bedroom should be the place you feel the most calm and clearly the room would like to fall asleep in most! Fill the room with your favourite calming aroma, incense that aid sleep and relaxation are scents like lavender and chamomile. Turn off the big light, invest in a salt lamp, not only will the softer light help your eyes adjust for sleep they also have been said to improve sleep.



Empty your thoughts 

Lastly, empty your thoughts. I know everyone goes on about journaling recently but that is because it works! Let your brain flow with no judgement, no one else has to ever read it, you don’t even have to read it back! A problem shared is a problem halved, when there is no one around, share it with your journal. 

I hope if you follow these steps or at least some of them they will help you to have a better nights sleep.

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