Smokey Quartz Point Necklace

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Smokey Quartz Double Terminated Point Sterling Silver Necklace

Spiritual Properties ✨↓

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♑
Chakra Root
Used For: Protection & Cleansing
Properties Grounding, Physical & Mental Health, and Protection
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Smokey Quartz Point Necklace
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Product Description

This Smokey Quartz Point Necklace will have you looking stylish & feeling grounded!

With a unique double terminated crystal point, this necklace will bring out your inner magick. Adorn yourself with this crystals protective energy & feel that barrier around your auric field come to life!

Healing Crystal Properties

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About Smokey Quartz:

When Smokey Quartz has been irradiated it means that the Quartz has gone through artificial radiation instead of natural radiation to achieve the smokey colour. It is a similar process to the natural earth radiation that turns Quartz to Smokey Quartz, although obviously much faster!

Smokey Quartz is one of the most grounding and protective stones. It helps one come back to their body and the physical world, which is especially beneficial for anybody who practises communication within the higher spiritual realms. Smokey Quartz also grounds spiritual information, so that you can do practical things with the insights and knowledge received from higher vibrational planes and your intuition. This stone enhances practicality and organisation, making it a good stone for students or business owners. It protects from negative energies in the environment and absorbs and transmutes an endless amount of negative energy by grounding it in the Earth where it can be neutralised. Smokey Quartz brings ones dreams and inspired ideas into physical reality, which can help with the manifestation process. This crystal also protects against energetic burn out, and counters the negative effects of radiation. Smokey Quartz detoxifies the body and helps eliminate stress.

Properties about this Product:

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About Crystal Necklaces:

Crystal Necklaces can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Placing a crystal on your body helps you to connect at a deeper level and raise your vibration. Wearing crystals can also help being balance and align energy levels

Additional Information
NameSmokey Quartz Point Necklace
Weight40 g
VendorKeshet Crystals
Origin China, Brazil
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Product Review
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