How To Work With Crystals!

So what are crystals and how do can I work with them to affect my mood! Read how to use them and my personal favourite way of using these beautiful stones.

How To Work With Crystals! - Keshet Crystals

So you’ve brought some crystals, now what are they and what can you do with them:

What are crystals? 
Crystals are beautiful stones that have been involved in practices and personal use for thousands of years. They are for everyone no matter age, gender, knowledge on them or how many you have! They all have various benefits and are made up of a range of elements that our bodies react to. Some crystals can help boost your confidence and some can grant you protection. Crystals can affect your mind, body and soul, so no wonder people are pulled to them. 


Ways to work with crystals 
I see crystals as a gift from Mother Earth and they can be used for a whole variety of magical practices, meditation, healing, spells and divination to name a few. Or more basically crystals can be carried around in your pocket or worn as jewellery to affect your mood as you go through the day. Crystals are also great in the home, place a rose quartz by the door to create a house of love. Place a clear quartz cluster in your bedroom to cleanse the space, clusters are great as their points send their energy into all parts of the room!

If you have a specific issue you can select any crystal that has those properties to assist your journey.

A Smokey citrine cluster 

How to deal with criticism 
One thing that will come up frequently whether you are starting your crystal journey or have been on this path for years is other people’s negative opinions about them and how much they work. What I say to this is if you are happy it doesn’t matter what other think as long as you are not hurting anyone, and as long as you are not throwing your crystals at anyone you should be fine! Crystals have been proven to work and even heal medical issues, but at the end of the day even if they are a placebo (they aren’t but stick with me!) they offer comfort and support and even that alone can have a great improvement on mental health.


Why we don’t ‘use’ crystals 
The more you believe in crystals the more they will work for you. My favourite way I have heard crystals described is stone people. Now the eagle eyed would have noticed this article is called how to ‘work with’ not ‘use’ crystals. This is because we should have more respect for crystals, we wouldn’t ‘use’ people to make us feel better so why should we ‘use’ crystals. We should instead work with them and allow our energies to work together.


How I personally use crystals 
My personal favourite way to work with is to set my intentions with them and carry them with me. I look at my crystals and have a think about what I need with me to help me through. When I am focusing on my healing I choose my Larimar tumble. When I am having a stressful time I pick my Howlite tumble and so forth. To set my intentions with the crystals I just hold them in my hands and think about what I need from them. For example I hold my green aventurine and think or say aloud ‘I am nervous about my driving lesson, please can I have some optimism to go into the lesson in a good frame of mind and can I have some luck please so my lesson goes well!’ Working with crystals I feel is a form of manifestation, it is putting into the universe what you wish to revive and the crystals aid us in this.

I normally put the crystals in my macrame crystal necklace holder which allows me to change them out easily. However if this is not available I put them in my bra!

Howlite in a Macrame holder 

Cleansing and Charging Crystals 
By reducing our stresses some crystals take on this energy for this reason it is important to cleanse them/recharge them. This can be done in a huge variety of ways, incense, moonlight, sunlight (depending on the particular crystal), running water or simple polishing with a cloth. While cleaning them be thankful for all they have supported you with. Keep your eye on the website very soon there will be a blog all about cleansing our crystals. Certain times of the moon cycle are the best to re charge them!


So take your crystals and use them however works for you! Do you use them in a way I didn’t mention? 

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