Our Values

We view crystals as incredible gifts from Mother Earth. This means that they should be treated with care, respect and love, starting at the moment they are extracted from the ground. Crystals are energy receptacles and we only want positive, high vibes. It is easy for a brand to slap on an 'ethically sourced' label, without doing any proper research about the sources of their inventory. This is more and more common, especially with the crystal market and new age spirituality being on the uprise! 

Crystals are obtained from all around the world, and the mining process can be extremely unregulated. This is why, before opening Keshet Crystals, Tivka poured her time into researching and finding ethical suppliers for the shop, so that you can purchase crystals knowing that their journey from the mines to the shelf has been as fair and as safe as possible.

One of our suppliers has a sister company  in South Africa, specialising in rough & tumbled material. Another supplier spends at least 6 months of the year travelling to see for themselves how well staff and subcontractors are being treated. We also have direct suppliers in Brazil, who are incredibly knowledgeable and can tell us exactly which mine our crystals have come from! Furthermore, Keshet Crystals supports lots of small, local businesses, such as Lines & Flow Mandala Art, TwoLibras, Bumble&Bee and StarChild Glastonbury. 

To read more about our Ethical Policy, and why there are certain crystals and fragrance items that we do not sell, please check out our blog posts…

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