Our Story

I have always had a love for learning about spirituality since I was a young girl. My grandpa practised Tibetan Buddhism, and I feel this influenced and inspired me, and still today impacts how I develop my own Spiritual practice. Just after Covid was when I really started to connect more with crystals. I began living by the moon, meditating with crystals and of course.. doing my shadow work! Spirituality has given me so much, and I truly believe in the ever-emerging science behind crystals and their amazing properties. I do not know where I would be without crystals in my life! 

In May 2021, I began to make crystal necklaces and rings for myself. My friends and family members would subsequently see them, and as I got better at making them, everyone around me was asking for a crystal necklace! I then got the idea of creating a crystal jewellery shop on Etsy, and from there the idea of a brick and mortar shop blossomed. I adore crystal shops, I could spend hours in one reading about different crystal properties and seeing which beautiful stones call to me. So I thought, why not create a place where it will be socially acceptable for me (and of course, you!) to spend 8 hours a day in? 

Keshet Crystals has now been open for nearly two years, and has evolved and manifested into an amazing little team! We each bring something a little different to the shop space, but our core values and how we want our customers to feel when they are here is the same.

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