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You won't find certain crystals for sale here, as if I have found that the sourcing behind the stones is not to my standard, I refuse to stock them. An example of this is a beautiful mineral called 'Lapis Lazuli'. This crystal is mined in Afghanistan, which is currently under extremist control. This means that the mining that takes place here is under Taliban regulation and is therefore far from ethical and instead, this beautiful crystal is a chance for workers to be exploited and more corrupt money to be made.

One of my suppliers has a sister company  in South Africa, specialising in rough & tumbled material. Another supplier spends at least 6 months of the year travelling to see for themselves how well staff and subcontractors are being treated.

Of course, as much as I wish everything was done fairly and with kindness and love, this is not always the case. I want to ensure you that I strive to find the most ethical and fair trade suppliers, who listen to their workers and are knowledgable about the sources of their stock. I also try to use only eco-friendly packaging, using re-useable bags for your crystals, recycled shredded paper and eco peanuts in packaging and recycled tissue paper as gift wrap! To ensure your crystals have a safe journey to you, I reuse the bubblewrap that my suppliers used!

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